Bye Bye Trees

As much as Chicago likes to tout its greenness I was very saddened this morning to walk to my El Stop and see that our fine city workers in the “City That Works” cut down all the trees on the plaza.  Granted, it wasn’t the prettiest of grottos but it was nice to have some greenery around.  What gives?

I only now regret not taking a good summery picture of them, because as I peruse Flickr (google maps) there’s really not a good photo.  There are some great photos of the EL Stop, just not of the trees.  Ah well… enjoy what once was:

Image Courtesy of Katherine M. Hill --


2 Responses to Bye Bye Trees

  1. Katherine says:

    I’ve listed my photographs as All Rights Reserved and would appreciate it if you would credit me for the use of my photography. Flickr has listed other pages as referral points from your blog. You can credit the work to Katherine M. Hill.

    Thank you!

  2. Brian Battle says:

    Hi Katherine, thanks for addressing this, and thanks for sharing your photos!

    Also, the city has re-planted young trees in the square, so I’m relieved that the slab of concrete will once again have some greenery in it.

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