The Creepiness Factor of Cellphone Cameras and The Internet

July 30, 2008

While I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve recently fell in love with Tumblr, and it’s ability to post cell phone pictures, there’s something creepy and slightly obnoxious going on over R.O.C.K. on the CTA.




Sadly, the poor taste only begins with what I’m assuming is a John Mellencamp song reference. 

Here’s the gist of what RotCTA does — “David Rockwell” takes covert cellphone pictures of people on Chicago Transit Authority trains and buses (they also accept submissions from others at and then posts them for the world to see.  David describes his blog thusly: 

a somewhat snarky, sometimes cranky, borderline stalker-y view of the world from my seat on the bus. No offense meant to anyone.. all of these stories are just made up. I really know nothing about you. And I care even less. I love watching the urbanites as they do their daily dance along the train tracks and bus routes…They make me happy. And sleepy.

Borderline stalker-y indeed.  It all seems harmless, but the site irks me for the following reasons:

  1. They are rarely that funny
  2. They are more likely to be mean-spirited and petty
  3. Their idea of a “hunk” is any dude dressed business-casual
  4. Their idea of a stylish or cute girl is a trixie dressed business-casual
  5. As you’d expect, photos are taken almost exclusively on the northside brown line and red line.
  6. Tons of creepy anonymous ass photos, and even some moose-knuckle.  Why?

If you’re on the CTA and you’re old, overweight, asleep, not cool looking, or a minority; prepare to be ridiculed anonymously.  Otherwise keep using public transportation in Lakeview and you might just become famous — if you wanted to or not.

Canada: Something is a Foot

June 19, 2008

It’s on URChicago here, but I thought I might share…

In what sounds suspiciously like the beginning of a David Lynch film, Canadian Mounties are baffled by the appearance of not one, not two, but six separate severed feet–all clad in sneakers, that have washed ashore outside of Vancouver.

According to BBC News some guess it’s from a plane crash, some say it’s the Mafia, some think it’s floated all the way east from the 2004 Asian tsunami, but one thing’s for sure:  it’s freaking creepy.

None of the shoes (nor DNA of the feet within the shoes) have come up as a match so far — I guess they’ll just have to wait for the other one to drop.  *Rim Shot* Thanks, I’ll be here all week. -Brian Battle