Two Wheel Empire

I’m not sure how I feel about this.  Visually, this is really cool, stuff…  agressive city biking, but there’s not that many “tricks” so much as it is not getting killed in traffic — which, I guess, in itself is a pretty nifty trick.  It’s evident that hanging onto the sides of cars and trucks (skitchin’?) is all the rage, which places urban bike culture about 20 years behind urban skate culture…  Marty McFly would be like “‘pshaw, been there, done that.” 

I’m also a proponent of riding your bike in the city as opposed to cars.  It makes sense for SO many reasons, but, as a rider of a city bike, some of the stuff they do in this video is the reason why drivers hate bikers so much.  Just saying.  Cutting off pedestrians, weaving against traffic, etc, this is why some motorists honk/swear/cut you off.    Additionally, as many drivers correctly suspect, a big incentive of riding in the city IS pissing off cars.  It’s true, and I hate to generalize, but it seems that the bikers in this video are those sort of “He’s totally in my face” type bike enthusiasts.

Regardless… a pretty cool video.  Never have I been more concerned about the safety of the CAMERAMAN than the performer… in a way, the videographer in these type of films deserves a ton of credit, and maybe a generous healthcare plan.


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