Atomic: Blow’d Up


I just learned from Milwaukee Music Blog Fan-Belt that the beloved Atomic Records store is closing in February.  This is tragic.  It’s a local music icon that I’ve spent WAY too much money at.

Rick the (owner) writes on the Atomic Records homepage:

The reasons for shutting down are many — and I’d hate to bore you with wonkish details of shifting demographics, downward market trends, changing consumer habits, etc. — but the decade-long (and running) decline of the music industry combined with the recent economic downturn have made it impossible to continue doing what we love to do … First off, THANK YOU! It has truly been a pleasure serving the music lovers of Milwaukee for the past 24 years. Much gratitude goes out to our customers. The recent words of encouragement — the likes of “hang in there,” “please don’t go out of business,” “what would I do without you?” — mean more than you can imagine. I only wish we had the wherewithal to continue on.

Terribly, part of me is excited though, now that my “Fueled By Atomic Records” bumper sticker and Atomic Records T-Shirt will now be that much awesomer.


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