Gift Certificates: Giveth and Taketh Away

Direct from the Un-P.C. Department: My pal who works at Planned Parenthood has informed me that they will soon be making Gift Certificates available.

Starting soon we are selling gift cards for any services that PP offers. In an effort to help make health care more accessable for some people. Which, now that I think about it, is a pretty good idea. Moms could give them to daughters so they could get on birth control. Boyfriends could give them to girlfriends for BC. But, we are gonna get a lot of shit because they can be used for AB services.

I actually applaud this too — Planned Parenthood actually does a LOT more than the one thing you will immediately think of when talking about Planned Parenthood.  What a good way to promote a healthy lifestyle than by de-stigmatizing a visit to your local family planner.


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