Backstreet’s Back? Alright.

Um yeah. Day winding down at work when I get a surprising email whose headline reads:


Ohhh, that sounds nice. I open that email up and lookie here:

So yeah, The Backstreet Boys will be rocking my work Atrium on Monday. Exciting? Sure. Baffling? More so. What inspires an advertising company to book resurgent boybands man-bands to play?

I’m also curious how much BSB charges for these little occurrences. Hmmmm.


8/22 @ 4:52 Follow-Up: A buddy I know that works down the street at Leo Burnett just mentioned they’re playing THERE on Monday too! So… DFCB is probably not paying anything. BSB, on the other hand, are prolly doing a pride-swallowing tour of Advertising Agencies to get the industry to drop them / their new tunes in commercial spots. Awwwww.

Jeremy writes:

backstreet boys
performing at Leo Burnett for employees

for real.
im just as embarrassed as you are.

They don’t care who you are… just as long as you love them.


2 Responses to Backstreet’s Back? Alright.

  1. Eric says:

    I can’t believe I watched all 3:50 of that. I’m suing youtube.

  2. Brian Battle says:

    ha! Wow. Not even I made it though all of that. Well done.

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