Brett Favre: Chicago Legend

I have to admit I would LOVE to see on-again-off-again football legend Brett Favre in a Bears uniform. He has set SO many records in Chicago (granted, it was while he was playing on the opposing team) but his stats when playing the Bears in Chicago were intimidating — like he was playing at home.

Also, growing up a Bears fan I was MORE familiar with the Green Bay QB than most Bear QB’s. Brett Favre was the Packers starter from 1992 to 2007 — meaning I saw Brett play the Bears ~30 times from the age of 12 to the age of 27.


I would venture to say that in those 15 years, I haven’t seen ANY Bears quarterback play as much as I’ve seen Favre. So to me, Brett, despite not play for the Bears, is still THE iconic Chicago Quarterback for the last decade.

So, for the following reasons, the Bears need to sign Brett Favre:

  • To enrage Wisconsin
  • He’s a great guy
  • To enrage Wisconsin
  • He plays great at Soldier Field
  • To enrage Wisconsin
  • Otherwise the Vikes, or Texans, or Raiders will pick him up and that’s just gross
  • To enrage Wisconsin
  • The Packers have picked up TONS of former Bears including two for QB’s, AND our beloved radio announcer Wayne Larrivee. Taking back Favre would be what I like to call “The Reverse Tomzack” effect.
  • To enrage Wisconsin
  • So we can quickly retire Favre’s famed #5 Bears jersey, put him in the Bears Hall of Fame and forever enrage Wisconsin.

5 Responses to Brett Favre: Chicago Legend

  1. Rog says:

    It was great to have Sunglass Jimmy, the greatest ever Chicago quarterback, be the Favre backup in our winning Super Bowl. I think he enjoyed it too.

  2. Tim says:

    That would certainly enrage my father in law.

  3. Joe says:

    “It was great to have Sunglass Jimmy, the greatest ever Chicago quarterback, be the Favre backup in our winning Super Bowl. I think he enjoyed it too.”

    Greatest Chicago quarterback???
    Jim McMahon was a good quarterback, but he wasn’t the “greatest ever Chicago quarterback”.

    And besides… He enjoyed being a Packer so much that when the Packers met with the president after winning the superbowl, he wore his BEARS JERSEY.

  4. Brian Battle says:

    Sid Luckman? Hello?

  5. Chucklyn says:

    Spectacularly-unique perspective Bri … never heard a Bears fan express any sort of fond memory for the guy who is almost-single-handedly the focus of the entire city’s ire.

    I’ll link to this from our post as well – definitely worth it, thanks for letting me know & sorry I missed this one!

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