With our powers combined…

Well, my overly ambitious plan to sell off lots of my old (but nonetheless awesome) tee’s was just that — a bit too ambitious. I lack the get-up-and-go to get up and blog about all my shirts.

Timbo to the rescue!

Thankfully Milwaukee’s second-best export (just behind OldStyle), MKE Magazine’s Tim Cigelske is letting me join up with his brilliant (and eco-concious) take on thrift-store shirt sales: TeeCycle.org. Tim was doing something very close to what I was thinking, except, you know, more selflessly and environmentally-friendly.

Tim makes some excellent points that I never even considered — why buy mass-produced new shirts that go through extra processes to appear vintage, when you can buy a cheaper, rarer, actual vintage shirts? Especially with part of the cost going directly back into preserving urban green space. There’s all sorts of good karma going on here.

The shirts are sorted by tags, and will be on sale for a flat rate (including shipping), with one dollar of every purchase going towards local charity. I’ll be posting tee’s up on that site, so get the RSS from http://www.teecycle.org/ and start shrit-shoppin’:

Teecycle believes that your T-shirt says a lot about you, whether you know it or not.

When you buy off a rack in a department store, it says you have limited imagination, support giant corporate profits and have thousands of replicas. Who wants that?

When you own a Teecycle shirt, it says you have a unique one-of-a-kind item of clothing. It also says you care about the environment by keeping a perfectly usable item out of the landfill.

Each Teecycle shirt is hand-selected from rummage sales, thrift stores and, in a few cases, friend’s closets. Just not a rack in a nondescript department store.

Your purchase also supports the River Revitalization Foundation. $1 of each sale is donated to restore urban river trails and waterways in the Milwaukee area.

First things first: Tim, Jess and I all agreed I’m going to need to find a model with a formidable rack to match pace with our Milwaukee neighbor.


2 Responses to With our powers combined…

  1. Chucklyn says:

    You won’t bri! …unless you recruit Tim’s Twins!!

    (not what you think. Well, kinda.)

    And here’s hoping that “Tim’s model” isn’t sore at us for all the boob-talk!

  2. Teecycle Tim says:

    It’s great to have you on board, buddy. I’m planning on a tentative photo shoot with whoever will work for free and/or beer on Saturday, May 3rd. Maybe the twins will show up.

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